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Sanjay Uppal

SVP, GM, Service Provider and Edge Business Unit,

Kaniz Mahdi

VP, Advanced Technologies, Telco and Edge Cloud BU,

Muneyb Minhazzudin

VP, Edge Computing,


Generating new revenue for communication service providers and enterprises edge applications and services represent an entirely new market opportunity where enterprises and communication service providers will come together and benefit from an entirely new class of high bandwidth, ultra-low latency applications and revenue generating services all fueled by 5G networks.


Deliver Reliability, Security and Scalability with Edge Computing and SASE:

COVID-19 shifted people to work from anywhere, and the edge became even more distributed.

Advances in microservices-based computing and communication technologies such as 5G are fostering new cloud native edge compute use cases.

The ability to deliver networking and security services with the agility and speed only the cloud can offer becomes even more imperative. Intel, VMware and Lumen have worked to optimize cloud native edge computing and VMware SASE services.

Hear from VMware, Intel and Lumen executives about how they team up to make all this possible.  

Featured Sessions

Solution Keynote: The Future of Distributed Enterprise Edge Runs through Service Providers

Edge Computing will be the fastest monetizing service for CSPs

The Future of the Network Is Here, and It Is Open RAN

A Catalyst for 5G Evolution: How the Ecosystem will be the Key to Success in 6G

VMware SASE Delivers Secure, Optimized Connectivity for the Anywhere Workforce:

Branch office and remote/mobile users can gain better connectivity and security with assured application performance using secure access service edge (SASE) for the anywhere workforce.

VMware SASE enables remote users to work from home efficiently and effectively at an affordable cost, helping improve productivity for overall business success.

VMware SASE includes VMware SD-WAN, which provides hardware and software-defined offers that deliver secure and optimized network connectivity for work-from-anywhere users; VMware Secure Access, which provides remote users with a secure and optimal way to access applications hosted in any cloud; and VMware Cloud Web Security, which protects users from threats.

Learn how the components of VMware SASE work together to empower your remote workforce.

Featured Session

Empowering Limitless 5G Service Innovation in a Multi-Cloud World:

DISH is deploying the first standalone, cloud-based 5G open radio access network (O-RAN) in the United States with the help of AWS, VMware and Intel.

DISH will connect all of its hardware and network management resources through the cloud to enable secure, rapid scaling and innovation as well as on-demand responsiveness to customers’ wireless needs.

Given this marks the first time that a 5G network will be run in the cloud, DISH will achieve agile and cost-effective operations while seeking to redefine the practical applications of 5G.

As DISH deploys its network, the company is partnering with vendors offering cloud native technology, bringing them together on AWS  and orchestrated by VMware to provide DISH customers greater flexibility and control of their 5G-enabled solutions.

Featured Session

Partnering with BT Global to deliver exceptional customer experiences:

In the session, Bas Burger, CEO of BT Global, will share his experiences and insights with Sanjay Uppal, SVP and GM, Service Provider and Edge Business Unit, VMware, on leveraging new digital platforms and business models to engage with customers and deliver exceptional value and experiences.

The session will cover the changing service provider-customer relationship and the opportunity presented by cloud-based connectivity and security services such as SD-WAN and SASE.  

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Edge Computing Is the Next Evolution from Cloud for Enterprises:

It’s all happening at the edge: The explosion of data, the increase in speeds with 5G, the need for our enterprises to deliver intelligent and immersive experiences to delight their customers.

Multi-cloud heterogeneity has enabled enterprises to build, run, manage, connect and protect applications across multiple clouds on consistent infrastructure with consistent operations.

Learn how The Home Depot is seamlessly extending the same consistency of platform and services to their stores, meeting on-premises transaction processing and storage requirements, while preparing for innovative edge-native applications.

The VMware edge-native platform brings flexibility, intrinsic security and portability of applications anywhere. Learn why edge will be as exciting an area of innovation and value creation in the next decade as the cloud was in the last.

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