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Tom Gillis

SVP, GM, Network and Security Business Unit, VMware

Sanjay Uppal

SVP, GM, VeloCloud G&A,

Pere Monclus

CTO, Network and Security Business Unit,


This track explores a holistic change in the way end-user services are delivered by IT, so you can empower your distributed workforce for today’s new normal. Explore the new future of the digital workspace.


Get the Public Cloud Experience Every Day, Everywhere:

Organizations accustomed to public cloud agility now demand the same from their private cloud. They need to deploy workloads across multiple clouds, with the flexibility to move apps frictionlessly. IT Operations teams may be shrinking, yet they face higher workload volumes, more frequent app rollouts, and more platforms and clouds. 

Consistency and predictability are key assets that are only achievable through the automation of network and network security operations. IT must incorporate intelligence and automation in daily operations, merge networking and security stacks, and maintain complete visibility—across all Day 0/1/2 operations, within and between clouds. 

A common network fabric across the multi-cloud with a unified cloud control plane eases the cloud journey and delivers end-to-end application connectivity services and simplified multi-cloud operations. 

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Accelerate Your Private Cloud Transformation with a Modern Network

Operationalize Zero Trust at Scale: Lessons Learned

Bring Public Cloud Agility to Load Balancing in Any Environment

Simplify and Speed Application Delivery:

Applications are the currency of digital businesses. These organizations are committed to enhancing their ability to rapidly roll out new apps and updates.

The gaps in application delivery capabilities become very clear as IT modernizes for rapid application deployment in the data center, migrates to clouds, and delivers self-service to app teams.

Businesses must eliminate points of friction between development and deployment with solutions that integrate load balancing directly into CI/CD. They should leverage self-service and automation to shrink deployment times from months to hours.

Enterprises need to embrace centralized management and self-driven delivery at scale to reduce wasteful infrastructure overprovisioning and ensure exceptional app experiences.

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Secure the Multi-Cloud:

Applications span multiple clouds, and apps and data flow continuously to an increasingly distributed workforce. The trusted perimeter is largely obliterated, exposing security that is often arbitrary and incomplete in the face of an expanding, evolving threat landscape.

The consensus is that a Zero Trust approach to network architecture is the optimal security posture, but operationalizing it across a heterogeneous infrastructure is no small task. Complete coverage can be achieved with a converged networking and security stack that puts security next to every workload, and protects all app-to-app communications—inside and among clouds.

Cloud workload protection, identity-based segmentation, secure cloud-to-cloud connectivity, and ubiquitous network threat prevention unite to secure the multi-cloud, deliver end-to-end security visibility with correlative workflows that maximize effective responses, and consolidate security functions for reduced CapEx and OpEx.

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Connect and Protect Distributed Work:

Distributed work is the new normal and many organizations have permanently changed the way they do business as a result. 

Users want to be able to work from anywhere and benefit from network performance that is on-par with the in-office experience. IT leaders want to be able to offer seamless connectivity and optimized performance, while also ensuring consistent security—no matter where users are.

Secure access service edge (SASE) is the answer to these challenges. Combining cloud networking with cloud security, SASE offers numerous benefits including a cloud-first approach, intrinsic security, application quality assurance and operational simplicity through technologies such as SD-WAN, Zero Trust network access (ZTNA), cloud web security and AI for IT operations AIOPs. 

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