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Patrick Morley

SVP and GM, Security Business Unit,

Renu Upadhyay

Vice President, Product Marketing EUC, VMware

Dr. Amelia Estwick

Director, Threat Research,


With VMware, customers can implement Zero Trust with fewer tools and silos, deliver security as a built-in distributed
service and scale response with confidence, speed, and accuracy.


Implement Zero Trust Security:

To implement a Zero Trust strategy, siloed teams, processes, and technologies must connect and align.

You need real-time intelligence to orchestrate security controls across distributed environments. By architecting security into your infrastructure, you gain authoritative context of your environment through connected control points and reduce the attack surface without adding operational complexity.

Simplify your journey to Zero Trust with VMware and learn best practices, design principles and tactical implementation guides tried and tested by VMware and our customers.

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Modernize the Security Operations Center:

SOC teams are understaffed, facing alert overload and struggling with disparate tools.

Discover a new approach to security operations, one which detects and responds to threats against apps and data within any cloud or remote environment. Improve context into risks and threats, respond collaboratively between controls and teams, and ensure visibility across an increasingly distributed IT infrastructure.

Join us and learn how to evolve your SOC with the MITRE ATT&CK Framework, how to prevent ransomware attacks, and experience extended detection and response (XDR) live, among other things. 

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Secure Modern Apps & Cloud Services:

The rapidly expanding attack surface requires organizations to shift from reacting to threats to proactively anticipating and managing risks.

Security, IT and DevOps teams need shared, real-time visibility into cloud workloads, containers, applications and services.

Leverage your infrastructure and applications as your security controls and focus on risk-prioritized vulnerabilities.

Protect critical workloads across any environment. Remove operational hurdles, focus on high-impact actions with confidence and break down silos to reduce risk faster with VMware.

Hear from our customers and security experts on how you too can modernize your infrastructure and applications without compromising security. 

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Secure the Anywhere Workforce:

Today’s workforce faces key challenges such as fragmented security, operational complexity and subpar experiences.

These issues require rethinking how you enable seamless workspaces without limitation.

Join us to learn how you can enable employees to work from anywhere with secure, frictionless experiences.

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Secure the Multi-Cloud:

Traditional security approaches fail to adequately defend today’s multi-cloud environments and workloads against lateral threats.

Evolve to a simple, integrated software firewall that provides complete coverage for more visibility and context at a lower cost, all without making network changes.

Learn how you can easily operationalize and gain better visibility and context with VMware.

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