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Kit Colbert


Chris Wolf

Chief Research and Innovation Officer,

Tanya Shastri

VP, Products, Blockchain,


Tackling the seemingly impossible is at the root of VMware’s origin. At VMware, we continue to cultivate a culture of innovation where curiosity meets execution, building technology that impacts the future. This track explores advanced technologies and emergent trends, and how VMware’s Office of the CTO and global R&D business units co-innovate with customers and partners to deliver impactful solutions. Gain insights into new technologies and bring back lessons learned to your organization’s ecosystem to foster your company’s innovation engine.


Co-Innovating in Action 

Gain insights into innovative VMware solutions that showcase co-innovations with customers, partners and multiple VMware R&D organizations. 

Learn how VMware Blockchain is working with partners in the financial industry to create a single, decentralized source of truth where errors and risk are removed, capital costs are significantly reduced and a substantial new revenue stream is established. 

Driven by consumers, regulators and policy makers, the energy industry is facing multiple challenges and drivers that require radical changes for their IT Infrastructure. Join experts from Intel, VMware, Southern California Edison, and Salt River Project Power and Water to hear how utilities are rethinking the future of grid operations and how edge will play a critical role in modernizing the grid automation and control, cybersecurity and deployment processes.

Featured Sessions

How Duke University Implemented GPUaaS with vSphere Bitfusion for AI/ML

Evolution of Intelligent Edge and Electrical Grid Modernization

Virtualized AI and HPC in Action at the University of Pisa

Unlock Emerging Technologies:

See what is just over the horizon in emergent areas such as edge computing, crypto-agility, fabric virtualization, modern applications, networking, blockchain and more.

Gain insights into VMware's strategic direction in support of edge computing. Chris Wolf, vice president of VMware’s Advanced Technology Group, will highlight the work being done in edge consolidation, modern applications inclusive of cloud services, federated machine learning, networking and security, and more. 

Take a peek into VMware’s innovation engine. We’ll share how VMware keeps innovating, how we think about sustaining and disruptive innovations, and what differentiates VMware from others in the market.  

Discover how AR/VR can upskill your workforce and improve employee productivity. 

Learn about cryptographic agility, preparing for quantum computing safety, and VMware’s recent research work on post quantum cryptography in the VMware Unified Access Gateway project associated with VMware End User Computing.

Featured Sessions

Enable Intelligent Apps and Infrastructure:

Explore emergent trends in machine learning, AI and high-performance computing while gaining practical guidance to take full advantage of these technologies in your environments today. 

Join the VMware community’s top ML, AI and HPC experts for conversations and demonstrations.   

Discover how VMware and Nimbix have partnered to develop a solution that makes it easier than ever to seamlessly manage on-premises or off-premises HPC clusters quickly, securely and cost effectively, with minimal HPC end-user effort in adapting to Kubernetes.  

Gain insight into the business need for distributed training of a machine learning model and learn how VMware has partnered with NVIDIA in this space. Leave with a firm technical grasp of distributed ML and its implications for infrastructure.

Featured Sessions