Software applications are essential for driving the success of today’s organizations. But to realize the full benefits of software, organizations must modernize their apps.

Where should you start?

  • Extend into the cloud so you can free your apps from infrastructure
  • Integrate security into development to streamline development and reduce risks
  • Modernize your app architecture to deliver new features and updates faster

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Extending your infrastructure into the cloud with Kubernetes

Most organizations recognize the value that cloud environments offer. And in many cases, they have incorporated multiple clouds into their IT operations. They have created private clouds on premises and tapped into public clouds to scale resources or take advantage of cloud-based apps.

Too frequently, though, those cloud environments are disconnected. IT groups need ways to shift apps from one cloud to another without refactoring or rewriting software. Adopting modern app architectures such as microservices, containers and Kubernetes can help. These technologies allow you to free your apps from your infrastructure, so you can run them anywhere.

VMware Cross-Cloud services for modern applications enable your organization to easily integrate modern app architectures as part of your multi-cloud environment. At the center of those services, the VMware Tanzu portfolio can help you unlock the value of Kubernetes in a standardized way that minimizes complexity. You can establish a unified operating model for virtual machines and containers within a private cloud—while making it easy to extend that operating model across clouds. And because VMware Cross-Cloud services are SaaS offerings, you can tap into VMware Tanzu tools quickly and easily, without having to spin up any new infrastructure.

Embracing DevSecOps

Implementing new technologies is essential for speeding the delivery of modern apps. But continuously delivering those apps also requires the right processes. In a recent global survey from Vanson Bourne, 79 percent of respondents agreed that without successfully modernizing app development processes, their organizations would not be able to deliver a best-in-class user experience.

Your organization may have already brought together development and IT operations teams, committing to the DevOps approach. DevOps and continuous delivery practices can certainly help deliver higher-quality code to production faster and more frequently. You might also be using automation and container-centric technology to support those practices.

Moving to a DevSecOps model, in which you integrate security throughout the development and deployment cycle, is the next logical step. Traditionally, app security was handled at the very end of the development process, in a distinct workflow that could slow delivery of apps to production. With a DevSecOps approach, you address security issues early on during the build process, enhancing efficiency and speeding app delivery.

VMware Tanzu Advanced edition simplifies and secures the entire container development lifecycle, making it easier to embrace DevSecOps. With Tanzu Advanced, you can automatically build a stream of compliant containers, secure your software supply chain, and operationalize containers and clusters across clouds. Moreover, VMware Tanzu Labs can provide the expertise for easing the transition to DevSecOps.  

Modernizing your app architecture

Maximizing the value of apps requires flexible, modern application architectures. You need ways to make changes and augment capabilities rapidly.

Adopting microservices architectures can help your development teams build and iterate faster, releasing smaller pieces of apps at greater speed. The addition of new capabilities and incremental updates no longer require you to revamp an entire application. And making the best use of APIs—especially internal APIs—will enable you to deliver microservices at scale. APIs accelerate collaboration across development teams and lines of business.

Enterprises that modernize their applications with microservices and APIs don’t release software once a month or quarter: They deliver software to production tens or even hundreds of times every day.

But of course, modernizing existing apps or building new ones using modern architectures can be daunting. The VMware Tanzu portfolio can help. You can tap into turnkey microservices, APIs and data models. And you can access hundreds of cloud platform services from any cloud. VMware Tanzu Labs can guide the move to modern architectures and help you implement a modern software supply chain with repeatable processes.  

Driving apps and your business forward

Making the most of your apps will likely require some change. To modernize existing software and build new cloud-native apps, you may need to rethink your infrastructure, processes and app architectures. The VMware Tanzu portfolio and VMware Tanzu Labs can help you transform the way you build, run and manage apps, so you can continuously deliver better software to production and maximize the benefits for your business. ▪