Apps are at the heart of today’s businesses. Organizations increasingly rely on software to create more engaging customer experiences, enhance operational efficiencies and empower remote workers.

To make the most of all their apps, many organizations need to transform their networks. Traditional networks were not designed to support hybrid clouds, edge locations or container workloads. They cannot deliver application services across multiple clouds. And they cannot provide insight into app performance or adequately protect apps in multi-cloud environments.

How can your organization better support your critical apps? You need a network that can

  • Meet the unique requirements of each app, wherever it’s running, while controlling management complexity
  • Empower a distributed workforce, enabling employees to connect to apps from anywhere
  • Enhance security, not only fortifying the perimeter but also safeguarding east-west network traffic

VMware network solutions—which include SaaS-delivered VMware Cross-Cloud services—can help you build a scalable, flexible and more secure network. You can connect and protect apps wherever they run and wherever your users access them.

Leverage a Network Built for Cloud

Simplify management and cut costs by establishing consistent networking and security for apps running natively in public clouds. 

What Is VMware NSX?

Connect and protect your apps across clouds with a complete networking and security virtualization platform. 

Provide Faster, More Secure Remote Access

Deliver reliable high-performance connectivity for cloud services, private data centers and SaaS-based enterprise applications.

Supporting vital apps with a network designed for a multi-cloud world

What are the defining features of a scalable, flexible and more secure network?

Cloud and infrastructure agnostic. You should have the freedom to employ the cloud, networking and security services that are ideal for each app—even if you are supporting bare-metal architectures as well as containerized, microservices-based apps. VMware NSX Cloud, offered as a SaaS-based VMware Cross-Cloud service, establishes consistent networking and security for applications running natively in public clouds. VMware NSX Data Center—which provides full-stack networking and security virtualization—lets you build a cloud- and infrastructure-agnostic network to maximize flexibility.

Cloud consistent. Your network should allow you to use your choice of any or many clouds for building and running apps—without adding complexity. VMware network solutions help establish consistent networking and security across all environments, including private clouds, public clouds and edge environments. Using these solutions, you can shift workloads among clouds while continuously protecting apps and data. With VMware solutions, you also gain a single administrative console plus automation capabilities to streamline networking and security management across all of your environments.

Intrinsically secure. Security can no longer be bolted on. Your network should integrate built-in, context-aware, unified security—security that is designed for highly distributed infrastructure and that anticipates threats. The VMware NSX Service-defined Firewall protects east-west network traffic while employing multiple advanced threat prevention techniques. The firewall’s network segmentation capabilities allow administrators to define and enforce network security policies for each app, workload, service or virtual desktop session. This firewall and other VMware intrinsic security solutions can help you reduce cost and complexity by minimizing the number of products, agents and interfaces you must use to stay secure.

Intelligent. VMware network solutions incorporate built-in analytics and provide automated, intelligent recommendations that help you optimize networking and security functions. Greater visibility and insight into networking and security help simplify incident troubleshooting while also making it easier to demonstrate policy compliance.

Connecting branches and remote workers to the cloud

To support a full array of essential apps—and the people who use them—your network must fully integrate edge environments. The network should enable your branch workers and growing remote workforce to connect to key apps easily and securely, even if those people are located far from corporate headquarters.

What are the attributes of a network built for connecting and protecting the edge?

Performance driven. Your network should help you deliver high-performance connectivity to the branch offices and remote workers at the edge of your WAN. As do headquarters employees, physically distant workers need fast, responsive experiences when using business-critical software. VMware SD-WAN provides the high-performance, reliable access that branches and remote workers require.

Rapidly provisioned, efficiently managed. Network solutions for the edge should help accelerate provisioning. With VMware SD-WAN, you can provision branch offices in minutes using automated, zero-touch deployment capabilities. After provisioning, you can centrally manage your global WAN from the cloud using outcome-driven policies, end-to-end analytics and remediation control capabilities.

Cloud connected. Network solutions for the edge should give branch offices and remote employees an easy way to connect with any cloud or cloud-hosted apps while reducing latency. VMware SD-WAN allows your workers to directly access apps from software-as-a-service, hybrid, multi-cloud and telco cloud environments through a gateway-as-a-service solution.

Intelligent. Your network should offer visibility into end-user and IoT devices operating at the edge, providing IT teams with insight into performance and helping them identify potential issues. VMware Edge Network Intelligence is a vendor-agnostic solution that enables you to proactively manage app performance and remediate issues so you can deliver rich client experiences without adding complexity.

Highly secure. You should be able to enforce intelligent, tailored security policies across your entire network, all the way to the edge. By choosing an integrated secure access service edge (SASE) solution, such as the SaaS-delivered VMware SASE Platform, you can gain the combined power of software-defined WAN gateways, Zero Trust secure access, secure web gateways, cloud security access brokers and next-generation firewalls.

Transform your network with VMware

We live in a rapidly changing, app-driven world. To maximize the value of their apps, many organizations will need to transform their networks. VMware network solutions can help you build a flexible, scalable and more secure network that lets you make the most of the apps at the heart of your business. ▪