To accelerate delivery of innovative apps, organizations are increasingly adopting multiple clouds. But in navigating a multi-cloud world, many face the challenge of balancing speed, complexity and control. How do you produce better software, faster, using multiple clouds, without adding management burdens or introducing new risks?

VMware Cross-Cloud services enable you to advance toward your digital business goals by speeding delivery of modern apps while simplifying multi-cloud operations and retaining enterprise control. Offered as software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, Cross-Cloud services allow you to immediately access new capabilities, without the costs or added responsibilities of deploying new physical infrastructure.

Make the Most of Multi-Cloud with VMware Cross-Cloud Services

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Accelerate Delivery of Modern Apps

Build new apps and modernize your existing portfolio with cloud-delivered Kubernetes from VMware.

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Maximize the Value of Multi-Cloud

Seamlessly migrate apps to public clouds while streamlining multi-cloud management with consistent infrastructure and ops built on VMware.

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Protect Apps and Data Everywhere

Implement a Zero Trust approach to security to safeguard critical assets across clouds without adding complexity.