Named after the ancient Indus Valley civilization, IndusInd Bank takes an approach to banking that’s thoroughly modern. The bank is dedicated to delivering a steady stream of innovative digital experiences designed to boost customer satisfaction—and loyalty.

IndusInd Bank’s commitment to digital innovation is driven in part by a swiftly changing marketplace. A private bank that launched operations in 1994, IndusInd Bank initially built its business on traditional banking services. But as marketplace competition increased, the bank’s leadership decided to make substantial changes that could help the bank meet evolving customer expectations.

Building a hybrid cloud environment with VMware Cloud on AWS has enabled the bank to expand its IT environment and better support delivery of innovative apps—without increasing management complexity. While the hybrid cloud is playing a key role in enabling app development, IndusInd Bank is also using VMware Workspace ONE digital workspaces to empower a growing number of remote and geographically dispersed workers.

Speeding App Deployment

Learn how IndusInd Bank deploys applications faster at multiple user endpoints with centralized management.

Expand into the Cloud

Quickly and seamlessly extend into the cloud—without adding operational complexity—with VMware Cloud on AWS.

Empower Remote Employees

Give your distributed workforce frictionless access to enterprise apps, from anywhere, with the VMware Anywhere Workspace.

Gearing up for new digital experiences

IndusInd Bank’s digital journey began in 2008, when a new management team refocused the bank on customer-centric innovation. The team wanted to explore how the power of technology could create new, engaging experiences for customers.

Agility became a top priority. The bank has to respond to current customer demands but also produce new offerings that customers don’t yet know they need. And to retain a competitive edge, the bank must bring these new products and services to market rapidly.

Reevaluating the bank’s infrastructure

From the outset, the bank’s leadership team knew that speeding innovation required reevaluating its infrastructure. “To create a robust platform for our evolving digital experience capabilities, we needed a scalable and agile solution that could handle a significant increase in customer transactions in both the assisted and direct channels,” says Biswabrata Chakravorty, chief information officer at IndusInd Bank. “We also wanted consistency and speed in the delivery model.”

A refreshed infrastructure had to provide a pathway to the cloud. The bank’s IT group saw the potential for using cloud services to deliver new apps and services not only to customers but also to the bank’s geographically dispersed workforce. The bank today has more than 1,500 branches across India, plus offices in London, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Building a digital foundation on VMware

To accelerate innovation and deliver new customer experiences, IndusInd Bank turned to VMware. Together, teams from the two companies migrated the bank’s existing infrastructure to a software-defined data center (SDDC) environment. Then they began to develop a hybrid cloud.

By using VMware as the foundation for that hybrid cloud, IndusInd Bank gained the flexibility to build and run apps on any cloud—on premises or in public cloud environments. Today, IndusInd Bank is taking advantage of VMware Cloud on AWS, offered as a SaaS-based VMware Cross-Cloud service.

“For mission-critical workloads, VMware Cloud on AWS allowed us to enhance the on-premises private cloud setup, with the flexibility to scale up on demand across private clouds on AWS and on premises, thereby ensuring that we leverage the proven capabilities of scale with consistency and availability for our businesses,” says Chakravorty.

Developing and delivering unique, innovative apps

Over the past few years, IndusInd Bank has created and delivered an array of innovative customer-facing apps and services that appeal to even the most tech-savvy customers. For example, the bank introduced its Video Branch services, which give customers a convenient option for conducting transactions with bank employees. Using mobile devices, customers can connect with bank representatives and complete a full range of tasks from home—or anywhere in the world.

For even more convenient access to banking services, customers can use the IndusAssist service with Amazon Alexa. They can check account balances, transfer funds and pay credit card bills simply by talking to Alexa.

IndusInd Bank also developed the IndusMobile app, which the bank continues to augment with new capabilities. For example, customers now can book cabs and order food with the app, in addition to paying bills and conducting other banking transactions.

Increasing workforce flexibility and boosting remote productivity

Although IndusInd Bank remains focused on improving customer experiences, the bank is also using technology to improve the flexibility and productivity of its workforce. Implementing a cloud-based digital foundation has enabled the bank to support geographically dispersed employees, who can access resources from any cloud.

To boost remote productivity, the bank adopted the VMware Workspace ONE digital workspace—a VMware Anywhere Workspace solution, which can be delivered as a VMware Cross-Cloud service. Workspace ONE provides employees with simple, secure access to vital apps and data. The bank is now creating and deploying a variety of new specialized apps for the digital workspace. For example, field employees from the bank’s Consumer Finance Division can use a digital collections app to enter loan recovery transactions and print receipts for customers through Bluetooth-enabled printers.

Improving business resilience

The digital foundation also gives IndusInd Bank the tools and resources to rapidly respond to business disruptions and adapt to changing marketplace conditions. By running the customer-facing IndusMobile app on the cloud, for example, the bank can continue to enable safe and secure transactions for its customers—even during significant business disruptions, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Continuously driving forward

A digital foundation built on VMware gives IndusInd Bank what it needs to successfully compete in a fast-changing field. But the bank’s leaders know that IndusInd Bank must keep innovating. At the moment, that means exploring cutting-edge technologies such as AIOps (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations), which could streamline operational tasks. With help from VMware, IndusInd Bank will be able to capitalize on this and other emerging technologies to retain its edge in a highly competitive landscape.   ▪