Today’s world runs on software. Across industries, organizations rely on software applications for every aspect of their operations, from engaging customers and supporting digital commerce to managing supply chains and facilitating collaboration among distributed workers. Building and running the right applications are critical for driving revenues, boosting productivity and improving competitive differentiation.

Many organizations are focused on rapid modernization to deliver the functionality that business groups need at the speed they demand. To accomplish this modernization, organizations are evaluating the requirements for each app. While some need to be available 24/7, others require lightning-fast performance during high-demand periods. Apps might need to tap into unique public cloud services or provide responsive experiences to remotely located customers and employees. All need to be protected, though specific security requirements can differ from one app to the next.

While organizations want to maintain the flexibility to choose the best environment for each app, many find that managing such a diverse multi-cloud environment is challenging. They need ways to streamline administrative functions—from provisioning to managing security policies—across all clouds.

VMware can help your organization accelerate app modernization, migrating apps to any cloud and speeding the delivery of new cloud-native apps. You can pair each app with the best platforms and clouds—even deploying to native AWS, Azure and Google clouds. At the same time, VMware solutions help streamline management by enabling you to establish consistent operations across data centers, edge environments and clouds.

Speed Innovation with VMware Cloud

Unlock the value of any cloud and accelerate modernization of any app to deliver more innovation to your customers, faster.

Improve Multi-Cloud Operations

Better control cost, usage and configurations across clouds with VMware multi-cloud operations capabilities.

Future-Proof Your Business

Build, run and manage all your apps across any cloud with app modernization solutions and guidance from VMware.

Accelerate app modernization, streamline management with VMware Cloud

VMware Cloud enables your organization to accelerate the app modernization journey while reducing multi-cloud management complexity. VMware Cloud brings together multiple proven cloud products, providing a single, comprehensive solution for app and cloud transformation. With VMware Cloud, your organization can choose the best platform for each application, simplify the path to app modernization, and unify all environments with consistent operations and security.

Choose the best platform for each app

Not all apps are—or should be—built the same. While some legacy enterprise apps might continue to run in virtualized on-premises environments, you might decide to use containers to accelerate development of new modern apps. You might also want to integrate AI and machine learning capabilities available through public cloud providers. Your IT environment should give you the flexibility to select the optimal platform for building and running each app—without adding complexity.

VMware Cloud Foundation enables you to build hybrid cloud environments that integrate your on-premises private clouds with public clouds. With consistent infrastructure across clouds, you can seamlessly shift apps from one cloud to another without refactoring. Consistent operations across clouds help streamline management; your teams can manage virtual machines and orchestrate containers across all cloud environments using familiar infrastructure management tools.

Modernize your app portfolio

Whatever technology platforms you choose for your apps, you need ways to speed app migration, modernization and net-new development. What is the fastest, simplest path to implementing container and Kubernetes technologies? What is the most rapid, efficient way to migrate to the cloud, matching apps with clouds that can meet their specific requirements?

The VMware Tanzu portfolio can help your organization realize the full potential of modern apps. VMware Tanzu offerings empower developers to rapidly build modern apps across a multi-cloud landscape while simplifying operations. With VMware Tanzu, your developers can establish a consistent Kubernetes foundation across environments, access a wealth of open-source software, and simplify operations.

Unify management

Improving flexibility and accelerating modernization are top priorities. But you also need ways to control the complexity of a potentially large, diverse collection of app platforms and cloud environments.

VMware Cloud enables you to unify management and operations across multiple clouds. As part of VMware Cloud, VMware vRealize Suite facilitates effective cloud management with robust automation, operations, log analytics and lifecycle management capabilities. CloudHealth by VMware provides visibility across that environment, giving you tools to control costs, optimize usage, improve security and streamline governance. You can enhance administrative efficiency and reduce management costs while implementing the right security policies for protecting all of your apps and data, no matter where they reside.

Build a consistent cloud foundation for your app journey

For most organizations, success with app modernization depends on effective use of multiple clouds. Establishing a foundation with consistent infrastructure and operations across clouds can help you make the most of those clouds while reducing management complexity. VMware Cloud gives you tools for enhancing choice, speed and control as you progress with your modern app journey in a multi-cloud world. ▪