Headquartered in Japan, SoftBank Corp. is a leading telecommunications business with a sweeping mission: Contribute to the well-being of people and society by harnessing the power of the information revolution. Part of the larger SoftBank Group conglomerate, the telecom company offers a broad array of services—including mobile, fixed-line and ISP services as well as the sale of mobile devices.

Among its key initiatives, SoftBank Corp. has been focused on advancing its 5G journey over the past few years. The company launched its first commercial 5G service in 2020 and became the first carrier in Japan to offer 5G standalone commercial services in 2021. By providing fast, reliable mobile connectivity with 5G, SoftBank Corp. can help individuals and businesses explore new uses for mobile technology, such as automated driving, telemedicine, smart city initiatives and more.

VMware technologies have helped SoftBank Corp. create a unified architecture for its 5G core and accelerate time to market with new 5G services. With help from VMware engineers, SoftBank implemented VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and was able to quickly deploy a new Kubernetes infrastructure. Now SoftBank Corp. has greater agility to develop and deliver innovative 5G services rapidly.

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