“The cloud” is no longer a single destination. Organizations are increasingly tapping into multiple clouds to deliver innovative apps and to consume an array of IT services.

Still, to make the most of those clouds, many organizations must address critical IT challenges. They must find ways to

  • Streamline cloud migration, moving apps to the cloud fast without excessive development work.
  • Modernize apps and their cloud strategy, implementing a foundation for building a flexible hybrid cloud.
  • Simplify multi-cloud operations, avoiding the complexity of managing each cloud with distinct tools.

VMware cloud infrastructure and management solutions—including SaaS-based VMware Cross-Cloud services—can help your organization accelerate your cloud migration, modernize apps and operationalize multi-cloud management. You can match each app to the right cloud environment and maximize the value of all clouds while simplifying administration.

Improve Multi-Cloud Visibility and Control

Better control cloud cost, usage and configurations with VMware multi-cloud operations capabilities. 

Modernize Your Data Center

Transform your infrastructure to capitalize on the flexibility, scalability and performance of private and hybrid clouds. 

Migrate to the Cloud Seamlessly

Speed your cloud migration while reducing costs by establishing a hybrid environment with VMware.

Migrate to the cloud

Moving existing apps to cloud environments can be a time-consuming, costly undertaking. While you might be able to move some apps unchanged, it’s likely that you will need to do some combination of replatforming or refactoring for your chosen cloud provider.

VMware offers multi-cloud and app modernization solutions that can help you streamline the process of migrating even thousands of apps to the cloud. For example, VMware Cloud on AWS—offered as a VMware Cross-Cloud service—enables you to create a hybrid cloud environment that rapidly extends your existing on-premises VMware environment into the cloud.

VMware has an array of cloud infrastructure and management solutions that can help ensure a successful migration. For example, using VMware vRealize Network Insight Cloud, part of the SaaS-delivered VMware vRealize Cloud, you can better understand the nuances of your existing apps and improve migration planning by optimizing network infrastructure across your hybrid environment.

With common infrastructure and management that spans private and public clouds, you can seamlessly migrate apps to the cloud without excessive development work. The migrated apps can then integrate with a rich set of services available in the cloud.

VMware offers VMware Cloud solutions for major cloud providers—including not only AWS but also Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud—plus 170 other VMware Cloud Verified partners around the world. You can avoid vendor lock-in and gain the flexibility to shift applications among clouds as your needs change. And because these VMware Cloud solutions are SaaS offerings, you can get started fast.

Modernize in place

Your organization might have applications that need to reside on premises, at least for now, to meet compliance or performance requirements. Still, modernizing your data center will give you greater flexibility for moving some or all of those apps to public cloud environments in the future.

Implementing a cloud foundation in your data center can give you the starting point for creating a hybrid cloud that extends your data center into public clouds. At the same time, you can facilitate the move to multi-cloud development and deployment by providing developers with tools for modernizing apps, taking advantage of Kubernetes and integrating machine learning/artificial intelligence.

VMware Cloud Foundation can help you establish the consistent, secure infrastructure and operations you need for creating hybrid cloud environments. With VMware Cloud Foundation, you can move workloads into VMware Cloud environments in public clouds without refactoring.

The VMware Tanzu portfolio, offered through VMware Cross-Cloud services, gives your developers and operations teams the tools for building and running containerized workloads anywhere. Developers can build innovative, cloud-native apps with Kubernetes on premises and in public clouds; operations teams manage and secure workloads in a familiar environment.

Operationalize multi-cloud

The benefits of using multiple clouds are undeniable. But managing multiple clouds can be overwhelming. IT groups often must deal with multiple operating models and an array of distinct management tools across that multi-cloud world. The result can be operational silos, which prevent IT groups from leveraging skills or processes across more than one cloud.

Standardizing multi-cloud operations can alleviate complexity and eliminate silos, enabling your IT group to reduce costs by sharing resources and processes across multiple environments. Standardization can also reduce risk by making it easier to ensure that all your clouds conform to security, compliance and operational best practices.

VMware solutions can help you standardize management across multiple clouds by establishing consistent infrastructure and operations. IT administrators can use the same, familiar to tools to manage all environments, from the private cloud in your data center to a variety of public clouds built on VMware infrastructure. VMware vRealize Cloud, for example, provides a full array of automation and operational capabilities so you can consistently provision, manage and optimize your VMware-based cloud environments. The similarly SaaS-delivered CloudHealth by VMware gives you visibility into all of your native public cloud environments so you can optimize usage, costs, security and governance.

Advance your multi-cloud strategy

To meet the distinct requirements of your critical apps, you need ways to capitalize on multiple clouds—from the private cloud in your data center to multiple public clouds. VMware cloud infrastructure and management solutions, including both SaaS and on-premises solutions, can help you move forward with your multi-cloud strategy. You can pair each app with the right cloud environment while streamlining administration across all clouds. ▪