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Webcast: Minimizing Worries Over Windows 7 Migration

Listen to an IDC analyst talk about the release of Windows 7, OS trends and why organizations should start to think about application and desktop virtualization as a part of their migration strategies.

Webcast: Understanding TCO & ROI for Horizon (with View) 4

Total cost of ownership (TCO) is one of the key criteria for evaluating desktop architecture. In this webcast, listen to VMware and IDC talk about measuring TCO and ROI for a Horizon (with View) implementation. Real cost savings achieved by VMware View customers, the methodology used for the TCO/ROI analysis, and the tools used are all covered.

Forrester Whitepaper: The Virtualization Imperative for Client Operating System Migrations PDF


IT is facing a number of migration challenges, including application discovery, compatibility testing, remediation, and packaging and image development, delivery, and patching. As a result, IT managers worldwide are aggressively evaluating and deploying application and desktop virtualization as a means to accelerate their client OS migrations.

IDC Whitepaper: Quantifying the Business value of VMware View



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